It's Raining Ice In Ile-Ife!

On Thursday 15th April,  2021, at about 4:31 pm, it suddenly started raining ice in Ile Ife.

The icefall might not have taken place in every part of the royal and ancient city, as reports showed in pictures and video that the icefall was within the Obafemi Awolowo University.

Some students were amazed by the occurrence and took to taking shots with excitement!

Down memory lane, this kind of situation had occurred in the northern part of Nigeria before the full glare of children and adults.

It was an unforgettable experience in the Janguza town of Kano.
Heavy blocks clattered on zinc rooftops.
A memory to remember...
Children rush under the nakedness of the weather to play with their surprises!

If this were to occur in countries like the USA, England, Europe, and so on, it would be 'no news' at all since their climate and zones are what they are during winter.

Reasons for the cold stones dropping from the Nigerian skies must have its scientific justification, but what could it be?

How would you react to a new experience in our Nigerian vicinity?
Kindly drop your candid comments.

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  1. I've witnessed this before years back in the northern part of the country. It felt like being pelted with tiny pebbles and I had to hurry indoors.

  2. The last time I experienced this was in the late 80s, back in kaduna. I always wondered when next I'd experience it again. Not with global warming breathing down on us.

  3. Experienced it in kd in the late 80's. Science could relate this to climate change.

  4. I exprienced it in ilorin seven years back,i even took some of it and licked,it was like fridge ice block and very chilled.

  5. It's called hailstones.. written very nice Debby..

  6. It happens sometimes in my side especially when there is a heavy rainfall... Though the ice isn't much..

    But this is quite different....



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