Davido, A National Cake?

                                The latest tussle, Chioma Avril Roland and Mya Yafai 

The recent drama that has taken over the social media platforms over the 'ASSURANCE LOVERBOY', DAVIDO and a trending American lover by the name Mya Yafai is no longer news.

Mixed reactions have trailed the story which is more of a pain for many of Chioma's fans despite, Davido's being engaged to the beautiful chef.

A popular controversial relationship blogger, by the name Blessing Okoro has shared her take on the issue, saying that the popular singer, Davido has done nothing wrong to Chioma!

Many fans think Davido is simply embarrassing Chioma after enduring and experiencing the many presences of baby mamas in his life.

One begins to wonder if the beautiful chef knows the pains and hurt her fans saddle for her. Year in, year out, the singer lover uncovers his supposedly insatiable appetite for beautiful women, some of whom he has children.

Back to the question! Is Davido a national cake?

Let's journey down history in brief...

Nish Kards

Sophia Momodu

Sira Kante


Staicay Brianar

According to Blessing Okoro, Chioma should have considered Davido's history with other baby mamas and known who the singer is. She knew who he was before she decided to date him.

Could Chioma have gotten so much 'ASSURANCE' that she felt safe in her relationship with Davido, thinking he could repent and stick with her, treat her more specially? Or did Chioma throw caution to the wind for the fame and the name, to watch the life Davido play out today? Thus, suffering the public hurt other women did suffer?

 Is Davido's lifestyle just 'HIM'?

 Chef Chioma's reactions to deleting Davido's photos on her Instagram page may be sending some signals to the answer!

Is Davido a national cake? Drop your candid comments!

Photo sources:ghgossip.com

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  1. Yes,I think Davido is a national cake because he is dearly loved by the mass despite his misdeeds.

  2. Lol. Nice piece aunty Debby. Davido and Chioma are very okay for each other. People, fans, should stop takeing panadol for the couple's headache.
    Davido, a national cake? This depends on the point of view. Davido, as an accomplished Nigerian musician, is already an icon to be reckoned with both in Africa and diaspora. The young man as accomplished a lot.

    1. Thanks for your angle to this Ovasabi!

  3. Well this made me search this idol and do a little research. He really is an accomplished singer. But i really wish they are given their personal space to live as they wish.

    1. Your comment is well appreciated Hans.

  4. Lol...all these artist.... Well written Aunty debby....



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