Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis! - Nigerians React Angrily!

.            Photo credit: Google images

Following the trending but pathetic story of Sarah Yugh, a young Nigerian lady who had undergone eight sessions of chemotherapy, 25 rounds of radiotherapy, and a single mastectomy on her left breast, after which she realised a shocking fact, that she did not have Breast cancer as misdiagnosed by her doctor, Nigerians continue to pour out their reactions...

So many questions trailed ...
How did the doctors at Benue State University Teaching Hospital not know that a mistake had been made?
Was it a case of negligence?

Nigerians refuse to spare their pens as turns roll out to express their utmost shock, pain and insecurities about careless handling of human health and life!

Nigerians continue to react...
Kindly drop your reactions to this trending issue.
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