Where Is This Heartless Woman Amidst This Painful Occurence?

It's no longer news that the untimely death of Tunde Thomas, aka Tunde Gentle, was caused by the heartbreak he experienced in his trusted marriage to his wife Moyo Thomas whose adulterous affair with FCMB manager, Adam Nuru, resulted in the two kids which Tunde was so sure that they were his.

The pictures here show his painful burial amidst tears...

I begin to wonder what Moyo could be feeling or doing as these photos are flying on the internet.

Nigerians have been calling out for justice on behalf of this poor gentleman even in death.

The heartless woman who was entangled in a love affair with her MD perhaps never envisaged the doom that awaits their unscrupulous illicit organizational affair which stands on unethical foundations.
A boss-subordinate affair! 

Tunde was said to be so much into his family that he spent most of his resources on them, eg, London, Dubai holiday trips and placing them in the best schools...

.      Poor guy! Tunde Thomas.

It was said that she filed for asylum in the USA on the ground of marital violence in Nigeria.
Her unholy aim was to get a green card and get Tunde barred from getting into the States. 
What heights of wickedness to a man known to be so easy going...

Nigerians continue to pour out their hearts...
Kindly drop your truthful reaction.
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  1. I need someone to wake me from sleep.

  2. It's a real pity how wicked some women are and heartless too. God will judge her.

    1. God definitely will judge her.
      There's no escape route for her!

  3. I may not be privy to the circumstances surrounding his death (was it a suicide?), but he should have been strong to overcome these demonic set backs.

  4. This is a very upsetting story.... karma will come to her



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