Covid-19 :Resumption Date For Nigerian Schools To Be Reviewed!

   Minister of Education: Adamu Adamu

It's no longer news that the sudden spike in the number of coronavirus cases around the world is causing a lot of panic and anxiety in every part of Nigeria, especially as primary and tertiary institutions are at the verge of resumption.

January 18th fixed for schools in the country to resume may not be the case anymore as the Federal Government said it would review it.

                Source: CGTN Africa

This is attributed to the second wave of COVID-19 presently ravaging the country.

The Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu disclosed this while answering some questions during a press briefing by the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 in Abuja.

He said that the January 18th resumption date is not sacrosanct. The date was just a target towards what they are working on.

The rising cases of deaths and more discoveries of the carriers are of great concern.

ASSU had also earlier made the known situation of a very large number of Universities across the nation that do not have visible readiness for staff and students resumption, since the necessary measures to ensure safety on campuses are yet to be put in place by the Federal Government.
Lecturers and students lives can't be jeopardised.

           Source: Google Images

Let's keep our fingers crossed, with ears on the ground to know when the primary and tertiary institutions will open doors to academic life amidst the roaring and ugly second wave of this deadly monster called 'COVID-19'!
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  1. Now there are vaccines, they still want to lock. Mind you with the recent spike, the numbers in Nigeria are still very insignificant compared to the US and Europe, still they are itching to compare. The government should use malaria as an excuse to lockdown instead, since malaria had killed over 80,000 in Nigeria in 2020 compared to covid19s 1000+. Mtcheeeeew, copy-copy government.

  2. Here we go again. Teachers are again in trouble. God will help us.

    1. Teachers who are at the frontline are always affected by such situation.
      A big amen.



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