Explosion Rocks Lagos - Ibadan Express Way Now!

The explosion in the early hours of today.

At the moment, history is recording one of the numerous gridlocks ever witnessed on the Lagos Ibadan Express Way, following the explosion of a fuel tanker at the Magboro suburb.

This was said to have occurred in the early hours of the morning, on the second day of December 2020.

The situation has triggered a heavy gridlock which has prompted motorists to become one-way users!

There're no going forward and backwards. A standstill situation has followed, and a dilemma for office workers, motorists, pedestrians businessmen men and women.

Sachet and bottled water, plantain chips and all manner of snacks are on high demand now as hunger and thirst are triggered this hot morning.

The Federal Road Safety Corps(FRSC) has advised the general public to plan their journeys today.

  The inferno uphill, still blazing at 10 am

I am fagged out in this traffic and reporting life!
Details later!
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  1. It is pathetic and my heart goes out to everyone affected.

  2. Just heard on the radio that road users shouldn't bother going out today. What a situation!

    1. Thanks for the call earlier!
      Didn't know how bad till I got trapped!

  3. That's very horrible thanks to share the info

  4. Really bad... My condolences to the affected people

  5. I pray that they are comforted.

  6. Nicely explained and that was bad too



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