Melanie Trump Advises Husband To Accept Election Loss!

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First Lady, Melania Trump has advised President Donald Trump to accept the recent loss in the just concluded presidential elections.

It is obvious that the sitting president is yet to come in terms with President-elect, Joe Biden's victory as his adult sons Donald jr and Eric keep pressing him and his allies to keep fighting as they have pushed Republicans and supporters to publicly reject the results even as CNN and other news organisations projected the race for Biden on Saturday.

Kushner, the president's son in law and adviser was said to have also advised him to concede.
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Trump's campaign spokesman Jason Miller in a tweet on Sunday morning, denied that Kushner had approached Trump.

After some news reports had gone out, projecting Biden as the 46th President of the United States of America, Trump asserted that Biden is 'rushing to falsely pose as the winner', and that 'the race is far from over'.

                  Biden versus Trump

'I will not rest until the American people have the honest vote count they deserve and that Democracy demands, Trump said in a statement, which explains that the campaigns legal battle will begin on Monday.

Biden won the presidency on Saturday after the state of Pennsylvania pushed the Democrats over 270 electoral votes needed to take over the White House.

However, some members of Trump's party on Sunday, vocalized in opposition to the president conceding.

Is there fraudulence in the just concluded elections as Trump claims?
What if the table turns back to him as the winner?
Kindly drop your honest comments.

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  1. Trump is wasting his time. He is a sore loser.

  2. Election is all about loosing and winning, he should just accept the defeat

  3. Yes right election us something in which one wins one looses so he should accept very well written Debby👍

  4. She seems like a smart lady. I must say

  5. Losing is not everything is over. It's another chance to win again.

  6. Nice post. Thank you for sharing.



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