Biden Versus Trump! Uncertainty Rocks USA!

 Tales from a Democrat and a Republican

The peak of the United States electoral process points a winning finger at Joe Biden of the Democrats while Donald Trump gazes at the suspecting concerns of foul play which aims at kicking him out of his seat as a Republican.

Election officials in Georgia have ordered a recount after the presidential race was almost over.Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger said on Friday that ballots will undergo a recount.

Seems like a sad news for Joe Biden and his numerous supporters.He had overwhelmed Trump by his outstanding victories as the democratic candidate gained lead in Pennislavia and Georgia.

What came next from the Trump campaign is: ' The US Presidential elections is not over'.

According to Trump, the democrats are trying to steal the elections.

A tweet from Larry Madowo points at the direction of a recount of votes, so, what happens?

Who wins the most admired seat of power in the world? Biden or Trump? 
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