This Untold Story About Omotola Jalade- Ekehinde Will Touch Your Heart!

Lets tour on Omotola!
Some history reveals today, the future which we see now, but it all started before my very eyes.

Before going into what we never knew about Omotola, lets start with the known.

Oh yes! Omotola Jalade-Ekehinde is a known actress, singer and philanthropist.

A first child and only daughter in a family of five.With a dad, mum and two brothers.

Her dad died when she was only 12, leaving her to her widowed mum and brothers.

Omotola is also called ' the real Omosexy' and married to a pilot, Captain Ekehinde.

Yes, she has appeared in astounding 300 films, selling many millions of copies and the most-watched actress in Africa.

She has received many awards and has an enviable fan base.

She was a model before launching her onscreen career.

Her breakout came in 1995 when she acted on a film titled  'Mortal Inheritance'.She received many awards after shooting this movie and she continues to be shot into the lime light with more involvement in Nollywood and internationally.

She is happily married with four children to Captain Ekehinde.

However, there is a part of Omotola Jalade Ekehinde which many never knew...
A part which exhibited the Omotola of the future.

It was a world far away from our parents, in Command Secondary School Kaduna.

'Tola was a boarding house student. A vibrant student who liked the company of friends and had drama in her manners...

'Tola as fondly called met a senior who was from same school.
Knowing she hails from same state Ondo, she tries speak the Owo dialect, and I chuckled.

Yes, like many other juniors, Omotola had some tough time with seniors but still endured and tolerated the best way she could.

Omotola was a year my junior in Command Secondary School Kaduna but she interacted easily with those she came in contact with.

She joined the choir, wore her white Sunday robe and loved to sing.

I remember when there was an altar call in school, among others who gave their lives to Christ, she was there.

She loved God in the boarding house and she still does.

The news of her dad's demise came.It was a rude shock.We students had feelings for what she might have to face losing a dad so young.

She went home to Lagos where she lived after the news came...
What we heard afterwards was that Omotola's school was changed.

It hurt not to see her continue the Command Kaduna boarding house journey with us...

Command Secondary School Kaduna Reunion

In this pieces of stories put together, is the story of a young girl who had evidences of talents in music, drama, social interactions and with God who has helped to build who she is today.

It all started with who she was as a child.The loss of her dad never stopped the aspirations.

She developed the God-given gifts despite all odds.

I heard had tough times when her dad died but she never stopped.
Today, many identify with this personality called 'Omotola Jalade Ekheinde'.

I met her at Allen Avenue years after...
She almost jumped out of the moving car to hug me!

Her baby girl 'Princess' was just few months old. Omotola was still so humble...
She gave me her contact which I lost.It was saddening for me because I wanted to see the star again.

I wasn't mistaking, humble, kind...
Do you see that in her charity?

Grow your talents and passion today like Omotola and see where it takes you!

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