Story Of A 6Years Old Boy Aims To Save Lives!

The book, Max The Glutton And Other Stories written by a young boy of 6 years old, Oladipupo Giwa.

It was written as a first-grader in a popular school in Ikeja, Lagos State, Carol school to be precise.

The book aims to change all gluttonous persons according to the author.

The book exposes the gluttony of a young boy called Max, who is everything and anything called snacks and food.

This bad habit got out of control where he would eat even and midnight and do a poo and vomiting at the same time. His bad eating habit made him grow so fat.

Max never heeded the counsel of his mother and guardians about his bad eating habit.

One day, he did just the same overeating and was ill to the point of being hospitalised.

Sadly, he was subjected to taking many injections and bitter pills which he hated.
He promised himself never to be a glutton again.

Max got out of the hospital and changed for the best.He stopped being a glutton.

The book teaches great morals like obedience to parents, throwing away bad habits that will do us no good, and finally, there is a  reward for doing wrongs.

The young author also added a few other stories to the book. They are; the rich banker and the beggar, the hippo and the snail, Leo, his dad and alcohol, the pig and the tortoise, never too late and Ada falls sick.

Max the glutton and other stories is a recognised book among young authors' works in Nigeria.
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