Protests Have Exposed That Nigeria May Be Free From Covid-19.

The cries of Nigerian youths protesting, rent the African environment in recent weeks!

It was saddening that the voices of youths whose eyes could not be closed to evil, prevailed on the streets, in houses, on social media, and so on.

One thing struck the inner man!
The large crowds merged to trust, love, oneness, unity to speak in one voice against the corruption of 'SARS' a special unit of the police force which was meant to combat crime. 
The reverse of their mission as a special force unit caused a commotion which provoked  the recent protests.

Many of the protesters had no nose masks on. Social distancing was thrown away in the face of fighting for their rights.

Gunshots threw many into a panic. Gun wounds attracted helpers to assist digging out bullets from body parts without any concerns about sanitizers.

Nigerians expressed love beyond Covid-19 protocols!

The flashbacks of the protest incidents in different parts of the nation is a strong pointer that Nigeria might just be certified free from covid 19.

The protest was about the largest protest ever in the history of the country where youths came out in their large numbers.

What about the discovery of the warehouses where Covid-19 palliative was kept?

Nigerians came out in thousands to forcefully take their rights in Lagos, Jos, Osun, and many other states.

There were incidents of stampedes. Again, no Covid-19 protocol was observed.
Nigerians were angry and ready to damn all odds to achieve getting their palliatives that would have served as a relief when the case of the virus was at its peak in the country.

Many Nigerians on the streets express their thoughts after the palliative discovery in almost all states of the federation.

One Mr T, who refused to disclose his actual name, said Nigeria never had cases of covid-19 as many who left the isolation centres had alleged.

This is not to say he is correct, as many top Nigerian leaders like Abah Kyari, Governor Ajimobi and many other government officials contracted the dreaded disease and even lost their lives.
     The late Governor Ajimobi

In a nutshell, the present protest is an eye-opener that Covid -19 has vanished from Nigeria or maybe highly minimal in the country.

However, necessary protocols like masking and uses of sanitizer are to be in continual use because many of the populace may just need more time to develop the symptoms after such closeness sparked by the protests in the light of our unity!
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  1. People have to understand that safety comes frist by their own.

    1. Thank you Ajay!
      Nice seeing you visit after a long while.
      Covid has taught us all a lesson.

  2. We should keep in mind covid 19 is still between us

    1. Sincerely, can't wait to have it vanish!

  3. It's really confusing to understand the case of covid 19 in Nigeria, the protesters has made it known that we are free from it.. What can I say...

  4. Great post Debby your posts is related to real life well written 👍

  5. But for his long before reality hits us right in our faces?



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