How To Impress A Better Behaviour In Children.

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To achieve great behaviour in children, there are a series of ways to go about it.

Spending ample time with them on one on one basis, giving them positive attention and having an emotional connection will go a long way to purge them of bad behaviour.

However, if there are no positive attention, children are bound to seek attention in negative ways.

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Parents need to get serious about sleep time.
A well-rested child is a well-behaved child.
They can function throughout the day, even at school.
Children who have sleeping deficit have to get their time-shifted upwards by 10 minutes.

Children tend to thrive with routine, this, parents should set routines for the most challenging times of the day.
Eg, bathing first or brushing before bathing?

Younger children should be allowed to order routines, using pictures.
It will guide them to obey, this improving on behaviour.

Allow the children to have a contribution to family activities. All kids, from toddlers to teens. They help to bring the family together, teaches them life skills.

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Children should be encouraged to be problem solvers.
This will help them solve problems as they grow older.
When there are sibling rivalries, parents should never choose sides but ask questions that will help figure out solutions.

Parents should simplify family rules and still be firm.

Many parents have tried correcting a wrong behaviour at one time or the other by using time out which often at times, does not work.

This is because it does not teach the children to make better choices next time but escalated power of struggle, especially the strong-willed ones.
So, focus on training as a parent and not punishment.

As a parent, be happy as it would help develop a positive attitude in the children even in the face of challenges.

Parents should deal with every source of misbehaviour by using the right strategies.

If the sources of misbehaviour are not dealt with, the children will keep on the journey of bad behaviour like a roller coaster!

Creating a happy and peaceful home stems from dealing with behavioural issues on children.
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