How Protests Exposed Hidden Covid 19 Relief Materials!

The question is this:
How can Covid-19 palliatives be existing while many Nigerians never gained these rights during the lockdown?

This exposure came with the 'End Sars' protests which has been rocking the country in the last one week.

Many ugly exposures followed the sudden massacre of peaceful protesting Nigerians at Lekki.

If there were no protests, it is very possible that all these 'missing food mystery' will not be unravelled.

From the protests, followed the massacre which led angry youths to take the BRT buses, certain Lagos state buildings down.
Now, is the revelation of the ware house where Covid-19 relief materials were kept all these while!

The Ware house at MazaMaza community in Oriade Local Government Council, Lagos state was allegedly attacked by thugs and the exposure of the hidden food materials meant to be relief for Nigerians during the lockdown.

It was also alleged that in storming the Palace of the Oba of Lagos, Covid-19 palliatives were also seen there and shared among the youths.

Source: freshreporters

These revelations have triggered sad and disappointed reactions from Nigerians on social media.

Many begin to wonder why palliatives should be stored by leaders, thus, leaving her citizens hungry during the lockdown.

Indomie, sacks of rice, spaghetti, sugar, salt, etc were scrambled for by angry youths, thugs, etc

There could be more corruption to be uncovered by this wake of the Nigeria youths!

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