Dramatic Traffic On Lagos Ibadan Express Way Today!

.              Source:Mowe Ibafo Axis

It's always the same old story!
Constructions here and there on the major expressway.

Sometimes, the annoyance of the constructions could almost leave motorists with no option than just leave their vehicles and work away!

When the thought of how much they bought the vehicles, they revert.

Today, 2nd October 2020, was a dramatic day altogether.

The hectic morning started out with a coincidence where I met a long time neighbour at the bus stop who would have been a saving grace to get to my destination where there were few vehicles available and those who stopped had the guts to demand very exorbitant fares, owing to it to traffic and road constructions.
.             Source: Premium Times

The road masters have special ways of jerking up their fares.

Back to the neighbour guy...
Things didn't turn out as I had envisaged.
Oh boy!
The guy pretended as if he didn't know me just because he didn't want to pick anyone for free.

I felt badly embarrassed but played his game along. I equally flowed.
I didn't mind paying to get to my darling pupils and pass on the necessary knowledge for the day.

I sat beside him at the front. He kept hiding his face, or should I say lifting some pretentious 'boldface'.

I eventually got to Berger and paid the money. I observed some reluctance on his part which was done with the 'should I collect or not? He was confused...

I just did the payment and left. I knew he had regrets...
Anyway, I left him to wallow in his concerns to face the day.

That was the first drama! I do not understand if it is the poverty level or he had to damn all odds to make his money.

Next, was my returning back to More...
A gigantic truck got stuck trying to turn, facing Lagos route.

There was a sudden standstill!
The gridlock had gotten as far as the Redemption camp!
         Road construction meets gridlock!

On the pedestrian bridge, I found unique spots to capture the point of concern to onlookers.

Looking behind was a long endless thread of vehicles, heavy duties...
It was painful to see how locked up the road was after many had worked tirelessly, only to return home with saddles.
Front and back, all blocked!

.     From Lagos was this long queue!

The last drama was a vehicle which tilted down a hilly top by the expressway.

.                     The tilted 16 seater bus

Many wondered what the 'superhero' driver was doing at a risky and slippery spot with his 16 seater bus fully loaded.

Impatience almost tilted the bus down the slope. The passengers dived out in a jiffy!

The drama never ends on the popular high way. Perseverance is the way out of this dilemma till the road construction ends.
Only God knows when!

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  1. That road has been a menace all year. I pity people (myself inclusive) whenever I go on that road. For me I think it's just bad road manners, impatience and "sharpness" on the part of most motorists, and lack of concern and will by the construction company and the government officials. Trucks should be given time frames to be on that road this period. Also commercial bus drivers should be reprimanded when the park on the already narrow road. Simple!

  2. Replies
    1. Really Smita?
      It's a bad traffic experience, though crazily funny

  3. All these in one day !? Lordy lordy!



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