Covid-19 Palliatives -Who Is The Thief?

Wonders shall never end goes the saying...
Want to know more about this exciting trigger?
Ok, lets goooooo!

The story of hidden Covid-19 palliatives exposed by angry Nigerians in Lagos, Jos, Osun, Edo states warehouses, and countless others led to sad reactions from Nigerians in diaspora and the foreign world.

Just last few days, one of the hustling mums in Osun state joined the rushing crowd of youths, papas, and many others on discovering a warehouse were Covid-19 palliatives were stored.

She got as many as she could gather,  bags of rice and noodles.
She was glad to have gotten a cab to convey her share which she was deprived of during the lockdown.

Sweating and happy about her violent moves to take her right by force, she had no remorse everyone hurrying to pick an item were doing so in fear of loss should any arrest be made.

She was one of the many who's conscience said ' it's my right'.

Want to know what happened next?
Ok, she loaded all stuff into the cab and off the taxi took her home.

She got down to open her gate for the taxi driver to drive in.
Alas, after opening, she was lost! Papa taxi had zoomed off with all the regained palliatives!

She broke down in tears!
Her story was unexplainable to those who saw her...

Swallowing hard, she managed to share the pain of the loss with a friend, a strange nightmare she was yet to recover from.

Please, this is a true-life story!
Who is the thief here?

We say the people who withheld the distribution of the palliatives are thieves, ok, she stole her right back and eventually lost it to another so-called thief!

What a realistic comedy!🤣

Many blamed the Buhari led Administration for sharing one sachet of indomie, spaghetti, one miserable cup of rice to few houses hold who stumbled on the miserly stuff which seemed like Nigerians were beggars!

Alas, many have come out to say that President Buhari has done his bit like the father of the nation by distributing uncountable measures so that Nigerian citizens will not go hungry during the lockdown.

Nigerians starved, some households possibly lost children to hunger. I particularly stumbled on one video during the lockdown where a mother cried over the loss of her child because of starvation.

The issue now is this, why were the palliatives not distributed?
Why were they stored up to the point of expiry?

Oh, oh, some said they were possibly re-bagged for sale.
Should that be the case, do you think those who are in charge are free from the retribution of the law?

Ok, another school of Nigerians think the leaders in charge hope to feed their generation for life with the palliatives!
How possible? Greed has its consequences!

Presently, the government has given 48 hours to those who picked items from the warehouses to return them.

This equally sparked reaction!
Why return the items? Is the government justifying the hoarding?
Why give ultimatum to what belongs to the citizens?
Have they actually stolen?

Ok, if the people in charge of the food items had no sharing plan to reach the large population, did the thronging crowd not make the sharing seamless...

Some Nigerians think that the EFCC,(Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) should probe those in charge for hoarding the palliatives.

Again, the question is asked: who is the thief?🤣
Please, drop your candid comments.

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