Why Many Viewers Criticise BBNaija Show


 The Big Brother Naija (BBN) show in which contestants live in an isolated house has been constantly under strong criticisms by viewers for many reasons which are not far fetched. The season 5  is on air presently! New faces and new things!

It's no story to say many of the contestants get into the show to compete for a large cash prize worth millions of naira alongside other interesting prizes.

The glamour that the programme projects does not only attract Nigerians but people in the world over.

The big brother Naija organisers have good motives and hope to pass this understanding to Nigerians and possibly people in the outside world. However, many do not see it that way.

Firstly, the cuddling and intimacy that exists among some housemates are condemned. I once met a lady who mentioned some kissing scenes in previous shows which she termed outrightly wrong as those involved were not married.

Another individual sees the addictiveness of the program as a barrier to her focus on more useful things that could fetch her money. Her choice anyway!

Obscenity and nudity is another area that sparks concerns. The busty busts exposed is unfair to the male folks a lady who pleaded anonymity said. A female housemate who chooses to expose her boobs does on the ground of choice another lady pointed out.

Some think the BBNaija show may be shaping the attitudes of youths wrongly to embrace unethical attitudes of some housemates which may not necessarily be so. 

I went into deep thinking about all these and see it from a perspective of different people from diverse works of life, who are bought together under an umbrella to learn self-control, tolerance, endurance, care, learn peaceful co-existence and learn to manage people with different temperaments. A lot of education goes into the show.

It's a place where the test of the proverb " Charity begins at home' is played out as a real-life event.

The show is a test of how humans relate under particular circumstances, thus should not be outrightly condemned!

The patriotism of housemates may be equally tested in the house. Those who talk down their country in careless conversations just may not last on the show.

The entertaining aspect of the show is relevant to relaxation time for many fans of the program. Biggy's baritone voice is most enthralling and cautioning I must say!

In a nutshell, there are obviously two sides here. One criticises and the other employs some tools of knowledge to unravel the mystery of the popular Naija show.

Which side of the coin are you? Kindly drop your candid comment.

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  1. I also believe there are two sides to viewing these types of shows: its either you watch it or you don't. I personally don't condemn the big brother show, but I hardly watch cos I don't have the time.

  2. It's just people with their different perspectives on the show, good a thing that it's adulterated....

  3. Intresting and informative blog 👍

  4. Interesting and nicely written. Enjoyed this content



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