Why BB Naija's Ozo Is Insecure!

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Ozo is a known BBNaija house mate with many insecurities when it has to do with Nengi.

He is obviously obsessed with the young lady.He paces from room to room, to the kitchen and everywhere in the house with her.

His insecurity is heightened after the eviction of Erica, Kiddwaya's girl.

Kiddwaya relates with Nengi at different times but certain closeness doesn't seem to get down with Ozo.
He fears Nengi might just fall into the hands of the innocent looking Kiddwaya!

Kiddwaya is obviously showing a higher sense of maturity.
He relates with everyone in the house so well and still misses Erica irrespective of what had led to her disqualification.
He is apparently an undeniable friend of his girl.

Back to Ozo's insecurity, could he be scared of an eventual eviction which might throw Nengi into the warm embrace of Kiddwaya?

His body guard role has conspicuously intensified as he guards Nengi to the nook and crannies of the BB Naija space.

A conversation crops up among the guys.
Kiddwaya gets into the chat in his free spirited way but the silence of Ozo and his looks speaks volumes during the conversation.

He steals some weird glances at Kiddwaya.

This is so unnecessary!
It's appalling to discover that Ozo has this childish aspect.

Photo speaks volumes!
Guard your heart Ozo!
You are good looking too, though love might not be about looks.

Kiddwaya might win Nengi over if the interest is there and if Nengi is nursing secret feelings for Kiddwaya.

Who gets evicted first to pave one way for Nengi's heart, Ozo or Kiddwaya?

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