Ogun State Schools Resume!

                 Photo credit: Pixabay

Ogun State schools have resumed in line with the date, 21st September earlier posted for school resumption.

Public and private schools resumed with a lot of expectation  and glee after about six months of closure.

School children were seen chatting on streets as they head to their different schools.
It was indeed a sight to behold.

It's obvious that many of them have grown much older with much healthier looks.A determined look to face their studies!

Their smartness explains readiness to work after so much stay at home.

Many schools are strictly abiding by the safety protocols. Rules and regulations on handwashing, nose masking is not negotiable.

Schools are set out to further teach the new normal lifestyle to the children.

 Photo credit: freekick.com

Many unmasked parents were halted at the main entrance of a school and denied entry. Some had to return to their cars and homes to get their masks.

Some schools' bookshops were well managed for parents to take turns to pick books, social distancing in consideration. 

Parents sourcing for school uniforms also also followed due protocol.

From the look of things, Ogun state is fully ready to start off the new school year, 2020/2021 session.

Gradually, most schools in other states are either resuming or putting things in order for the new school year.
Happy resumption schools.

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