New Cartoon Character May Likely Emerge From Covid-19 Era!

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Teachers have a duty to be sensitive to pupils at the resumption of schools. It's great to know that the long-awaited resumption is welcome with hugs, yet with no physical hugs really, as the presence of the dreaded coronavirus still has it's ugly neck sticking out of its unwanted womb.

Many, indeed so many crave the abortion of this unwanted pregnancy by the universe! A pregnancy so stubborn, claiming lives instead of giving life!

All governments head to tackle this evil which still holds back many institutions of learning in Nigeria in Ransome.

However, recent updates are peaking on social media that schools in Nigeria, our fatherland will be alive again, this is inevitably true but with all basic requirements in place.

The pre-requisites for school resumption ranges from having isolation centres, washbasins with running clean tap water, hand sanitizers, the use of masks which is inevitable and the practise of social distancing.

One trigger here is the use of face masks by children.

It's almost no story that children use fancy masks for their birthdays!

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The recently used nose mask might spark some psychological blaze which is likely to give birth to a novel cartoon character called 'Masky', the world hero who aims at destroying the villain 'Coronavirus'.Many of the school children may be eager to wear a mask with this heroic approach.

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This heroic angle might motivate other children who may have mask-fright to enjoy the use after all.

But then, all children are not the same. What is good for the goose may not apply to the gander. Diverse approaches may have to be employed to help children with their individual differences.

Coronavirus, the monster
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Teachers have a duty to ensure that their pupils don't become obsessed with the masks and create distractions for themselves since it will become part of their school dressing for probably a long time!

Teachers should identify children who are asthma prone or having asthma and constantly monitor them.

Napping with masks on? Teachers need important training in this regard! In as much as we are trying to protect and save lives, we shouldn't ignorantly carelessly take it!

Kids under 2 years may not wear a mask.

Some kids may cry endlessly because they are uncomfortable to wear a mask! The reason ranges from fear to discomfort.

Parents have the duty to comfort them and inform teachers on how to further assist in school. 

The list of precautionary methods by teachers is endless...

It is advised that the quality control teams assigned to all schools give enough training to teachers in this regard to avoid the casualties that may arise from children masking.

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  1. Yes it's very unsafe to wear mask for kids

  2. Absolutely, you are right! As for kids, using mask will adversely affect as they cannot manipulate it appropriately.

  3. Funny supper hero pix, ah, they aren't supposed to wear face masks lol coz they are indestructible,
    The facemask is also unsafe for asthmatic patients

  4. Right said it's not good, this pandemic scared everyone

  5. Because of corono situation of this planet is really bad this is a big pendamic🥺



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