Big Brother Asked To Keep Certain Secrets..

It's no more news that Lucy  and Kiddwaya were evicted alongside many others from the Big Brother Naija lockdown house in recent weeks.

Of course many must leave to pave way for the eventual one man standing to win the eye-catchy coveted price!

However, the fans of the reality show are raising a pointer which does not go down well with them and hopes Biggie addresses the issue in the next season to better the program.

It's worthy of note that the show is purposefully exposing the strengths and weaknesses of humans when brought together under one confined umbrella.

Tolerance, endurance, patience and resillience of humans beings from diverse backgrounds, are tested.

Gains are not far fetched either as many house mates learn new behaviours and unlearn many.

Now, to the pointer for Biggie:
He should keep secret, house mates who nominate others for eviction.

Having gone far in the game of the house, teaching a whole lot of values, it's expedient that Biggie protect the interests of those who nominate housemates to be evicted.

Human behaviour is not same.Some evicted house mates may take it lightly, while some may hold it against those who nominated them for eviction.
Thus, the exposure can give birth to grudges, inforgiveness and revenge!

It's really impossible to change the style of things now since the show has gone very far. But for subsequent seasons, Biggie just has to make a change.

Lets take Kiddwaya's eviction and Lucy's as case studies.

       Kiddwaya. -Photo credit: Instagram 

Kidd, having seeing those who nominated him for eviction, his countenance dropped!
He couldn't believe his eyes and ears! 
Trikky-tee his pal had picked him!
He was obviously disappointed!

I can imagine if #Laycon had been in the picture, how worse off he would have felt, because Laycon was the closest of them all.

However, he least expected trickytee to have done what he did.
I am not saying that Kidd can become unforgiving but the human tendency is there.

If he sees the entire show as the game that it is, he might not just bother but laugh it off. But then, what if he takes the whole thing personal and holds it against Triky -tee?
That becomes a build up of enemity.
Well, some could rightly say it's a test of resilience!

Now, to Lucy!
Yeah-right! She decided not to entertain hugs from fellow housemates when she was evicted.Hmmm...
She said she didn't want to cry, but it seemed there was more to that reaction.

      Lucy. -Photo credit: Google Images

Lucy knew many in the house were against her than for her, and so there was nothing real about their hugs!
This is pure psychology.

To confirm this, when she got talking to Ebuka, she was exposed to those who nominated her for eviction.
They were the same people who had offered loving arms when she was evicted!
What irony!

To be so sure that Lucy was glad that she wasn't deceived into their cold warm arms is an understatement.

I bet she never regretted her refusal to hug anyone before her exit when she got full confirmation.

Really, if Lucy had fallen for those farewell hugs, don't you think she would have had regrets? Game or no game? We are all human.

Either ways, some fans are using this medium to reach out to Biggie, to play down exposing those who nominate housemates for eviction, on the ground of human understanding.

Many fans of BBnaija are equally obsessed with certain housemates and will do anything to fight anyone who kicks out their favourite fan.

What do you think about this reaction of fans? Kindly give your candid opinion.

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