25 Years Old Woman's Infidelity Leads Her 75 Years Old Husband To His Death!


For the love of sex, one 25 years old lady has made life unbearable for her 75 years old husband and pushed him to his death with her adulterous act.

The aged man killed himself when his 25 years old wife was caught in bed with another man, possibly a younger one!

Has he committed a crime by marrying a younger lady?

An individual had asked why the man had to take his own life because of a woman's infidelity. 

Old men who marry women who are far younger might just be in danger of emotional distress when they catch their spouse cheating!

These days, older men give their hearts to  younger women who has every tendency to steal romance elsewhere.

The relationship exist most times for material gain.The papas are always at the receiving end.

 The pain puts them in a compromising situation to compromise life.

According to reports, after the woman was caught by her husband, she fled her matrimonial home, leaving the old man alone in pains.

At the dawn of the 21st of September, 2020, he hung himself at the back of his house.
    Source: ghclues

The frustration and pain must have been too much to bear.

Is it a better option to kill himself or just live with courage?

Kindly drop your candid opinion.

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  1. What was he expecting? She's 25 years old for heaven's sake. Her hormones are still raging and a lot of 25 year old ladies are boiling for sex... That a 75 year old man cannot satisfy.

    He killed himself long before he died. Sad but true.

  2. this is sad, but it's logical that a woman of that age would do such thing. he should have been wise to understand that and make some other decision. yet. as ozazoo said, he killed himself long before he died.

  3. So sad for the man

  4. Nawaa suicide is never a good option for bad situations, he will go and face more problem in hell

  5. It is very bad incident in the society 👍

  6. Logically there are many things...but death is always sad.



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