The Teaching Profession Is Often Misunderstood.


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Most  times , teachers are undervalued and under-appreciated. This is especially sad considering the tremendous impact that they have on a daily basis.

Teachers are some of the most influential people in the world, yet the profession is continuously mocked and put down instead of being respected with utmost reverence.

A large number of people have misconceptions about teachers and do not truly understand what it takes to be an effective teacher.

Like any profession, there are those who are great and those who are bad. When we look back at education in the world over, we often remember the 
great teachers and the bad ones.

 However, those two sets only combine to represent an estimated 5 % of all teachers. Based on this estimate, 95% of teachers fall somewhere in between those two groups. This 95% may not be memorable, but they are the teachers who show up every day, do their jobs, and receive little recognition or praise.

Considering the present-day pandemic, words fail so many educators, particularly in Nigeria. Many are disillusioned by the poor response of the government concerning the plight of the nation builders! Particularly those in private schools.

 In fact, the trending  irony now is that many parents are patronizing the same teachers they have a poor regard for, to engage their wards before schools resume.

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It can be recalled that many of these parents plead to pay as low as 10,000 -25,000 naira. Some will normally respond rudely as if the teachers are begging.

They feel they are the only ones who should earn well, as much as 100 thousand naira and above, while  the crumbs that fall from their plates in the name of poor denominations,  belong to teachers!

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Lastly, many of the parents know how noble a profession the job is, so they take the emotions of teachers for granted and beg them to receive the meagre amount they have.


It’s high time educators stand their ground and build the right esteem for their profession. Being a noble profession does not make it lowly, rather ‘highly’.


Some parents may be sincere with their little amount which passionate teachers never bother about when it comes to lesson fees, and a few still honour their children’s teachers. However, a higher percentage underestimate the profession that has made them and is molding their generation.

Let it be worthy of note that the presidents of all nations and every entity in a position of authority never got there through magic but with the aid of a teacher in their lives.


 The Nigerian the federal government has a duty to create the necessary awareness about teachers welfare.The private schools will be left with little or no option to upgrade all teachers salaries.


It is sad to say that the teaching profession is often misunderstood.

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  1. Correctly mentioned, the education industry is still greatly undermined.

  2. Yes, teachers are not respected nowadays

  3. It's true, when student is not good in studies then it's fault of teachers amd if student is good then all credit goes to student only. But truth is without teacher no student can do better and better.

  4. Absolutely True! Superb content!

  5. Very nicely written 👍 loved it

  6. Love the article....
    Very nicely written...

  7. Love the article....
    Very nicely written...

  8. N10k to N25k? Aunty Debby, teachers in Ojo where I live will die for that amount of money. The question is how to empower teachers. Government and proprietors have failed to do this. This pandemic has forced many teachers to become traders.

    1. I absolutely agree with you

    2. You are 100% correct. Most of the teachers in my area have turned to different business. Some said they won't be going back to the classroom

  9. It's a pity that most schools will loose their best hands (teachers) with the way some school owners have treated their workers during the lockdown

  10. As you said in the article, teachers are not getting respect even though they do their best. First and foremost, the community mentality should be changed and learn how to respect all jobs. Keep sharing.

  11. Great niche..... Teacher should have respect because they are building our country future

  12. Very true fact parents always blame teacher which is not right thing 👍

  13. parents also need to take responsibility for their children education, paying school/tuition fee is not only the solution

  14. Very interesting and nice content 🙂

  15. The government need to do more!

  16. Very well written debby keep growing👍



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