The Shocker That Awaits Versities At Resumption!

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The Federal government had ordered the closure of all tertiary, secondary and primary schools in Nigeria over the outbreak of the deadly  and novel virus in the country on the 9th of March 2020.

Just a few days after the government’s directive, ASUU commenced an indefinite strike.

While the federal government has now issued a guideline for resumption dates  for final year students in primary and secondary schools, nothing concrete has been said about tertiary institutions.

‘Any time considered safe is necessary’, remain the anthem of so many educationists. However, it’s not thought of, or considered what tertiary school students would be confronted with at resumption.

A strike or Covid-19, students will still resume but what state will their hostels be?

Their interest should not be played down even if they are older. An eye-opener sparked concerns most recently!

A 100 level student of one of the institutions of learning recently went to pick some of her items in her hostel, only to discover some shocking realities!

Rats have taken over the hostels in mass!
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Food storage places are infested already. While beddings have become cozy for the rodents.
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 Bugs may be inevitable residents in the hostels if fumigation isn't taken seriously before resumption.
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 Bushes if not cleared may welcome the returning students.The bushes don't only grow, they invite all manner of dangerous reptiles. 
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The paths to many institutions of learning are deserted now as students are far away at home.
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Staring at the bare path leaves unanswered questions in hearts.

Should the students return to an unprepared environment after such long stay at home?

Shouldn't the government and school authorities be pro-active to sanitize the environment so as to elude the psychological effect it might have on returning students?

While combating Covid-19 is still a top issue bothering on many nations of the world, should we play down on other key areas that demand hygiene?

This is a reminder for authorities of all higher institutions in Nigeria to embark on environmental sanitization before our young adults resume!
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  1. Schools remains close for safety of childrens

    1. Yes, but care of the institutions matter before resumption

  2. It's either the numbers of covid-19 drops or Russia's vaccine. Anyways, once school resumes, rodents and bushes won't be an issue.

  3. Yaa I am agree schools and colleges should be closed because of this powerful beast corona virus.

  4. Replies
    1. A good one.
      The aftermath is just the concern.

  5. Just a one line
    Stay safe better stay clossed

  6. We are tired of staying at how, especially here in the villa, no challenging activities, much work....

    1. Schools will definitely resume soon. The authorities have to do the needful of sanitizing the environment.

  7. lives matter. Study we can do staying at home also

  8. One can learn digitally from home saying this for to be safe.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Right decision for student's safety



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