Parents In For A Shocker After Covid-19!

Uncertainty rocks a few numbers of people on what shocker awaits parents after Covid-19!

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, school fees for the third term, stocking the home with provisions and groceries, rents, bills and unforeseen expenses were the burden of the mind till the halt of school activities, courtesy the novel virus.

With the abrupt reality, all schools embarked on a holiday which marked the cliche
#stay home, stay safe, a measure for every family to keep safe from the monstrous virus whose sling swipes many humans on a daily basis in the world over!.

WHO (World Health Organisation) is constantly updating all countries of the best way to keep safe, but the onus still lies on every family to find the best and safest ways to keep their families safe with all procedures as social distancing, hand washing, uses of masks, and so on.
Best parental tips are shared by UNICEF.

The homestay can be so exhausting! from hours to days, to weeks, and now to months!

What do you think these details of time and calendar will birth?
Now the shocker!

Suddenly, school resumes!
The uniforms become so tight to fit into! Who takes the blame? Is it the junk foods, inactivity, sitting transfixed day in day out before the computer? 
Who will turn back the hands of time? 

Oh, haven't been checking their shoes lately as the church, school and outings are being suspended?
In haste, it becomes really tight and then, you are unprepared for complete ease when the world becomes unlocked! 

All focus has been bent on survival but these are areas that may take all parents by surprise!

What about jumpy shirts and dresses? time moves so fast, little do we realise the children are getting really tall!

Yeah right! all parents have to expect wrist growth too! A new wristwatch to replace the old, which means more expenses.

Then the stockings become really tight! What exactly is going on?

These realities will rear it's beautiful head because growth and development must take place. In all truth, the children are growing so fast during this pandemic!

Parents have to be ready to shop before they are taken unawares by this sudden reality.

 However, pending school resumption, monitoring diets, wellness feats is the key to fitness.

Parents still have to mind clothing and accessories which if not budgeted, for now,could attract a hurricane of concerns when school eventually resumes!  

Location: Ghana, Nigeria,UK, USA
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  1. Thanks Aunty Derby for this article. It informs us of the effective reality of the pandemic, lockdown, excessive eating by the children and inactivity due to lack of exercise. So, parents don't have to bother about fees alone when schools reopen but also about replacing all personal items for the children in preparation for school reopening...Nice one Aunty Derby.

  2. Thanks you for this bit of information.

  3. I am wondering how many will be caught unawares!

  4. It's a wonderful article and informative too

  5. These are very good reminders to parents. Four to six months of no school and children being what they are will outgrow their uniforms, socks and shoes. This is encouraging all teachers to hang on in there.

  6. You are absolutely on point. So much would have changed by the time schools reopen, physically and mentally!

  7. Correct very point full discussion in sort article keep share

  8. Intresting and amazing informations...

  9. Well-written article! Keep sharing.

  10. Very interesting and well written article ๐Ÿ‘



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