Over A Hundred Thousand School Children Test Positive To Covid-19 On Resumption!

Credit: Daily Mail

Over a hundred thousand school children have tested positive to coronavirus on resumption back to school in the United States.

Some very serious situations have made this happen!
The pandemic had kept schools under lock and key for months until the recent reopening.

Many nations are still in doubt if schools at the nursery, primary and tertiary levels should with the present shocking story!

Children will definitely find social distancing a big issue because of their young and exuberant nature.

Read the story in the link below:
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  1. Social distancing is indeed challenging among children. It's definitely something to assess carefully!

  2. Wahala de ooo! The US is truly in great danger.

  3. Children have a greater tendency to socialise, especially if they've been apart for so long. I don't see how the numbers will not go up, should schools resume in Nigeria.

  4. A lot of Nigerians have been treating signs and symptoms of CoViD19 at home. This is off government records or radar. What should we expect if school children are tested?

  5. After corona virus there are lots of challenge in front of every country may god keep safe everyone, well written article 👍

  6. Opening school during this pendamic is not an appropriate decision

  7. Thats really bad..
    I guess corona would cover the whole population on earth for sure..
    Need to take precautions

  8. So sad.. this is something we all need to discuss during this pandemic weather it is safe of not..

  9. People have to understand this crucial suituation and follow instructions given by government

  10. very nicely written thanks for sharing

  11. The government still has not seriousness and they act as if nothing will happen to the people. Social distancing is mandatory.

  12. Problem from 1 country is ravaging the whole world

  13. This is so true. No matter how serious the situation is controlling kids is really hard.

  14. The school and College are not yet safe to be open...I wish speedy recovery to the once who have been infected by this deadly virus 💔

  15. Replies
    1. Things happening this year had never been so bad

  16. well written. keep it up. thanks for shearing.



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