Did Covid-19 Actually Infect His Dog?

A very important question is can COVID -19 affect pets? The answer is a big fat YES! It happened to my friend who is close to one of the big Abuja boys! If bats have viruses, who says dogs can't contract it?
He had begged another not to let out this information. NCDC scare! Fear of taken into isolation? One of the big guys was recently confirmed to be positive of the Covid-19 and is recuperating at the moment.
Unknown to him, he took his pet along to visit his friend. Little did he know the danger lurking around. The guys just arrived from a US tour and he was so sure that he could get some foreign 'wads'.
A week after the visit, his dog started coughing. The antibiotics administered by the vet did not work. It was at that point that it dawned on him that something more serious could be a reason!
Just days before, he heard two of the guys had tested positive to the disease. The information was leaked by a utility staff in the house who heard a family member telling another on the phone.
Back home, my friend started suspecting his dog. The cough was deadly!
For the fear of his own life, he masked his nose, sanitized his hands before putting on gloves, then took the dog to a bushy part far from his house and left it there. In fact, when he told me about the animal, I started keeping a distance from him too. He knew this and I begged him to understand, so, we spoke on the phone. He stopped working to observe himself but no single symptom came. Two days later, he walked a distance to where he tied the coughing animal. The dog named Zuma had died!
How my friend escaped not being a victim of Covid-19 is still a mystery, though I am still keeping my distance because my friend's company scares me.
Truly, animals can contract the virus from humans! “Cats and dogs are in close contact with humans, and therefore it is important to understand their susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2 for COVID-19
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  1. Awwww....poor Zuma. Your neighbour must be quarantined at all cost.

  2. Humans created weapons to destroy humans but in result mute living beings also suffer.

  3. Haa so sad,how can they do such a thing

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Yes, sadly, pets are not immune from this crisis.

  6. I hope this pandemic will end soon..

  7. its sad to know that many people avoiding animals due to COVID-19 :(

  8. Poor dog ..I am glad you wrote about this ...so that people get aware and take good care of their pet

  9. COVID-19 is becoming strange day by day.



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