Covid-19, iRead Makes Impact!

  Olufunmilayo Ilori
                 CEO iRead Mobile Network.

                   The Volunteers.

The nightmare caught the world unawares!
The one plague that shut down the entire universe!

Organisations all shut down, schools, religious houses, cinemas, name them all, at the growl of a monster so big that hit every part of the world like an earthquake!

Humans became united in anxiety uncertainties, hopelessness, pain, and fear of the unknown.  

Whence came this evil whose root allegedly sprang from China?
Littering death on names of nations...

There came the lockdown which touched humanity!

From the lockdown came theft, idleness, rape, embezzlement, confiscations, stolen palliatives, NGO concerns, salary slash, downsizing of staff, non payment of teachers salaries...
Vices escalated! 

School children became vulnerable as the school year rolled from hours to days, from days to weeks, from weeks to months...

Know what? Some set of passionate teachers rose up to the challenge to volunteer educating children during the pandemic, under the unique umbrella created by the CEO of iRead Mobile Network Africa, Olufunmilayo Ilori.

The slogan: 'No child should be left behind' remained the breastplate of every teacher in the team.

Nothing is more rewarding than teachers who lay down their comfort, lived in self denial to achieve a common goal of leaving no child behind.

This is the story of a set of heros who struck the plague in the face to hand victory over to the leaders of tomorrow!

By Debby Omoaregba

Education. 1071932255126391033

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  1. God bless these educators who have plugged into the mission of iRead on SDG4, to provide education for every child. Thank you Debby

  2. God bless the visioneer for standing up in the face of this challenge and God bless even more the teachers who out of their busy schedules and with a dedicated heart to serve,employed all within them to see that no child was left behind via the act of volunteering.

  3. Good one with Funmi Ilori's I-Read. I actually was expecting more info on I-Read's activities during the Pandemic.

    1. Iread's activities during the pandemic is the exact picture of what is written as a poem,line by line, stanza by stanza.

  4. God bless the whole volunteers and Iread network at large.

  5. This is a very good step towards creating future

  6. We thank God and the entire team for this wonderful initiative in bridging the gap at this time and ensuring learning continues.

    May the blessings of God be upon the entire team and the volunteers.

  7. Am really excited that I am part of the volunteers. God bless the management (ireads), parents (iparents), and the ipupils

  8. more to your knowledge

  9. I appreciate their efforts, during the pandemic

  10. I am a doctor, belonging to a group that is being hailed as the frontline heroes. But I would like to point out that we are not the only heroes. Standing right next to us are the pioneer educators who are equally brave and heroic. Continue your good work Debby! My best wishes are with you.

  11. God bless to all corona warriors who are fighting from long time and saving life of millions of people thanks for sharing such a nice post👍



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