One Bad Reason A 14 year Old Student Went Insearch Of Sex!

According to some sources, the young girl allegedly left home because she was being maltreated by a stepmother. This is not certain.

Maltreatment can lead to anything, sure, but a well-monitored girl-child will not leave for a place where she will be so sexually abused. Was that her own definition of love? the love never showed her in her home?
Where was the father if there was not a biological mother?

She didn't lie. Yes, she met the guy on Facebook and that was it! Absconded to the lodge where he was with her baggage and then taken to the house of the guy's friend for a whole one month! All these happened in Bayelsa.

Of course, she wasn't forced to have sex with the two friends, she said in her confession. That is, she was not raped! The 14-year-old gave consent, she craved for sex and got it from two boys! Was that sexual gratification a way to pay for staying away from a bad step mum?

Now to the one bad reason, she ran away from home in search of sex!

Parental lockdown!

Schools are on lockdown because of the dreaded Covid -19 and this has triggered a lot of menace in our country ranging from rape to abductions and so many other vices.
If schools are locked down, are parents also locked down from their responsibilities?

Social media, precisely, Facebook was the starting point! She was not monitored!
Many students are being tutored online at the moment. How well are their parents monitoring their activities?

Exposure to a piece of unnecessary information which may probably not be age-appropriate sparked the yearning to have a taste of love in the name of sex.

The parents of this girl-child have failed and should be arrested, yes or no?
Drop your opinions in the comment section.

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