My Washer Woman Caught Me In The Act With Another Man!

Credit: CreativeKenya

Little did I know that she had come for her laundry business as usual on that day because she was unusually early to arrive.
All I knew was that the washing machine was anticipating to gulp down piles of clothes assigned to it...

My children all strolled downstairs for some light morning exercise...

I had a few chores taking my moments, ranging from folding clothes to opening the curtains to welcome the Saturday morning sunshine presenting its vitamins in clear rays...

My new guy still dazed me with a swag hair cut he started trending.

It was just both of us, alone in what seemed like an eternity! I laughed and we shared hugs, more of which came from me.

Our movements were clumsy as I made fun of his hair. Heading for the main entrance, again, I hugged and right there the door swung open!

Right before my unexpected glare, was the washerwoman!
Her mouth was wide open! She had caught me in the very act of adultery!
Yes, in my own house...

She was obviously embarrassed and I truly didn't blame her ignorance! It was obvious that a lot was going on in her head! The children were all outside, and mummy had brought a man into the house in daddy's absence!

Oh, did I hear you say 'i still have the guts to insult the innocent washerwoman who resumed early to her duties?'

Yes, I am culpable! I committed the said 'adultery' with the man she later noticed when he paid her salary right there!

She looked at him again! The voice, of course, was familiar, but the looks, contradictory!

Apologetically, she knelt down to thank him and shyly walked into the laundry room. My guy and I just laughed at her ignorance.

Just two days back, hubby had his regular conservative hair cut. He stormed the house yesterday, shocking us with a new look which the children loved! A cropped golden sprayed hair!

He announced that he had a photoshoot for a modelling job.

I was still trying to come in terms with the new weird look when the washerwoman almost embarrassed me with her wide Yoruba eyes that explained adultery. 

What would you have done differently if you had walked into such a scenario?
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  1. Lol. You totally had me there. I actually was expecting some deep sultry storyline. I like the creative suspense though.

  2. Very creative indeed. And well written. Liked it.

  3. A creative writing it's good to read I'm curious to read more like this...

  4. What a creative angle, good one!

  5. good one. Waiting for more like this



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