Mother Caught In Examination Malpractice During Her Child's Online School Test!

Photo credit: Google Images

A mother was recently caught in the process of examination malpractice in a zoom online class when her child was taking a test.

The teacher who pleaded anonymity said amidst laughter that the woman was hiding under the table the daughter was writing on.

To the uttermost dismay of the teacher, she was whispering answers to her daughter. A caution from the teacher saying 'tell mummy to stop telling you the answer', created a snappy embarrassing moment where the woman came out creepily.

According to her claim, she was killing a mosquito!

How bad can some parents be? The COVID-19 pandemic has only succeeded in exposing the ugly truth about a style of parenting!

Parents who engage in 'helping' their children in such manner are obviously destroying them. Thus the reason they should desist from this wicked so-called 'help'.
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