Are Online Services 'Unscriptural' As Pastor Okotie Says?

According to the clergyman, 'forsaking the assembly of his people, denies God who he is'.

He further said in a message that 'God knows where you are, if he wasn't interested in the assembly, you don't need to come to church, but pray in your house.

Pastor Okotie had accused the owner of Micro-soft, Bill Gates of conspiracies aimed at destabilizing the world's economy, a satanic agenda against the church of God.

This has sparked mixed reactions from Nigerians. Some Christians believe in obeying constituted authority (Romans 13: 1-2) irrespective of the pandemic by observing the social distancing rules, masking and abstinence from not only church gatherings but much more. Disobedience to good government laws become sin.

'Not forsaking the assembly, during this pandemic may not mean physical as many believers still have the assemblies together online', one person affirmed.

Another said 'the devil has always had an evil agenda against the world from the beginning of the world, Christians may only need re-strategising which is having the online services in togetherness and at home'.

What exactly is your formed opinion about this 'unscriptural' angle of services online? Can the absence of a physical gathering change the Mighty personality of God? Does any situation make him less as God?

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  1. God is unchangeable,the Bible says Hen. 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever. There's nothing new before God who has settled all things right from creation.

  2. "Where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name, there I am"

    The functional word is Where.

  3. But God has always been online from beginning na...... Since He moves in mysterious ways we can't guess if it's 10G or 1000G network He uses. He sha answers prayers

  4. He is God from beginning and remains God till the very end and no doubt about it 'He is everywhere His name is recognized mentioned ans honoured just as we must know God deals with our innerman and not the physical.Pray God to give us more understanding of His words and desires in Jesus name.Remain blessed.

  5. *There are some things that you need only discuss with God. It is not necessary for you to let everyone know everything about you.infact,it is probably wise that you don't.Take everything to God alone,no gathering required.

  6. I don't think he's right, does he have messages recorded? Does he watch other minister of God on TV? Does he broadcast his preaching/services on TV? He needs to answer thee questions. Does he read the part of the bible that says a time will come when true believers will worship in truth and spirit. The packaging may change but the content remains definitely! Wherever we congregates what truly matters is the message, the reason which should be Jesus.

  7. Knowing that God cannot be trapped in a building and God is everywhere,finally the word of God is living whether online or offline........talk about the kingdom of God suffering violence and the violent take it by force.

  8. Hmm, must we continue in the old system of worship,

  9. God is not limited by the internet.
    Nothing can deny God his place, no even human ways.

  10. Spirituality is not affected by what is in happening in the outside world.



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