A Bad Mathematics Experience In Command Secondary School!

It was an awry experience! Scary! each time I remembered...

I love my alma mater so much that I would fight anyone and anything who dared say ill of her!
I am writing about Command Secondary School Kaduna. A school I love dearly...

However, it just takes an understanding mind to know that in life, everything can't be rosy!

Yeah! Not the bullying by seniors ached, nor the starvation period when provisions finished hurt as much as the dreaded Mathematics teacher who instilled the fear of the subject in me!

I never had the slightest fear for numbers until my Jss1 days when Mr  D.T  I will call him, appeared wild, mean, wicked,...

Name the horrific adjective!
To top it up, he had one mean looking cane which was a starter for his overwhelming class of numbers!

Oh boy! This is a true confession!
I shivered until the end of the class. There and then, I began hating the subject.

I can't really say about my year mates, but will speak for myself!

Mr D.T. made me endure the subject, not enjoy it until I had my SSCE where the first attempt threw me into the 'F' category!
I failed mathematics but excelled in other subjects.

My hatred for mathematics increased by the day, even into the higher institution where I had to tremble before the 'god'.

Let my people go was the point scored on the course!
I didn't mind, because, it was just not relevant!
Art has always been my bit! 

My fear of numbers lingered into adulthood. How ever, I have become an advocate for children who have gone through torture in the hands of Mathematics teachers, who have sown fear instead of courage into young minds, thus, thwarting a side of their brightness...

Do mathematics teachers really have to be wicked, mean and unempathetic before they transfer knowledge? 

Do they think if they are mean, their students will sit up?

Is the subject the one transforming some of them to become monsters because of its tough nature?

I am just a case study of children who have failed mathematics early in life because of the carelessness of one mathematics teacher. I had to struggle through before I made credit in a subsequent GCE.

Mathematics teachers have to sit back and research into why students fail mathematics often.

Or, is the compulsory nature of the subject in the country's curriculum a pointer to its failure?

Many children are facing difficulties in Mathematics for many reasons but the truth remains that a contributing factor is not far from a wicked maths teacher. This is my experience and for so many children out there!

What exactly is the problem? Kindly drop your opinion to save a student's life.

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  1. Almighty mathematics. Mine started later in JS3, same Mr. DT. However in higher institution I caught up. My course was in the engineering and I had to deal with core mathematics for 5 years. The secret is to build an interest as a student, and to be patient with students as a mathematics tutor.

  2. Mathematics is mostly abstract. A good Maths teacher needs to have a bit of creative streak to be able to deliver. But, unfortunately, majority just pour out the numbers on the board and leave students to forage their way out.

  3. I also had a bad experience when l was in the secondary school. I liked mathematics when l was in the primary school because of the type of teacher l had. Her name was Mrs Ojukwu, may her soul rest in peace. She was a down to earth woman, patient, very friendly and practical in her teaching of mathematics. I can never forget how she used an orange to demonstrate addition of fraction to me. It was when in the secondary school that l lost interest in mathematics because my teacher was so strict, had no patience and not friendly. I was always scared to ask him questions. His teaching method was not clear and was complicated. In fact, that was what killed my interest in mathematics.

  4. Most students have something weird to say about their mathematics teacher

  5. The difficulty in mathematics is common in most of the students. What I think, the main reason for this would be capability of every student teacher can't consentrate on each of his students. This is can be overcome for students to give some extra time making understand like fun game.

  6. Mathematics should not be portrayed in a bad light like most teachers do.

  7. I can relate to this. I also didn't like Maths at first, thinking it's the subject. But as soon as I had a teacher who explained it well, I started liking it!

    1. Uhhh...
      Lucky you!
      You met the right math teacher

  8. Maths has never been my thing,but I always pass it through reading.
    Maybe they should just make it optional for the health scientists

  9. Very Great Article Thanks for share

  10. Good content buddy. God bless you. Keep writing



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