Why Some Bloggers Will Go To Hell!

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Ugly incidents are fast becoming a strong focus on social media platforms, ranging from sex scandals, rape, homicides, suicides, gender-based violence and many more. Some times, one begins to wonder if there are no good and inspiring events anymore.

Of a truth, society is getting worse. The negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are pointers, but I must confess that some bloggers are making scenarios far worse than the society deserves, causing more pain mentally, emotionally, socially, psychologically and even physically while we are still counting the losses caused by the global pandemic.

Fake news is one reason why some bloggers will face the burning heat of hell! 'Fake' means lies, unreal things. The story of Davido's relationship with Chioma wasn't just a case of prying into celebrities' lives but so many lies aimed at even wrecking the relationship.

Another is the story of our dear daughter Uwa who was brutally raped and murdered in God's house!
How could anyone come up with fabricated stories that the innocent girl was impregnated by her pastor!
Evil upon evil!
How can the family heal when some choose to throw out rumours that could even make loved ones of the dead girl feel betrayed and hate her in death?

These two case studies are a few out of so many.

Sensational titles are meant to interest readers to like and make comments on corresponding content. Where a story is devoid of such characteristic, then, lies trend.
However, the truth remains that integrity is important in the business of blogging. In integrity, lies the truth!
Every news should have facts and figures correct to attract value.

It is necessary to note that every blogger seeks measures to pull traffic to their blogs. For many who will go any length to do this, fabricating and recreating stories full of lies becomes important, not minding integrity.

Fake news is a strong reason why many bloggers will go to hell. Bloggers should be blunt about what is real, not blunt about fake, negative and toxic stories which create more harm to the society than good. Fake news is abusive to the character of individuals, their personality, emotions and so on.

These set of bloggers paint even the good ones in a bad light! Ethics of any profession should be a top priority for anyone and everyone. 

Their hell might begin here on earth where they start getting arrested and prosecuted by the law.

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  1. Fake news is the norm. I was once advised to write controversial stories in order to get more views. But I can't change who I am.

    1. Controversial well to an extent may not be so bad.This is my opinion, but when it becomes such that could trigger negatives, then keeping away is good.
      Thank you for commenting

  2. Bloggers can go to the extreme to attract viewers. Some simply creating sensational headlines but totally unrelated to the body of the story.

  3. As per me blogging should be a mirror of what's going on in society. Fake news shouldn't be entertained in blogging.

  4. Blogging should be like an open book which show the truth of society or a hidden message this makes a true blogger not like one who shares only fake news.

  5. Not only fake news, half truth is very harmfull

  6. Sure, posting all manner of rubbish just to get more visitors, also readers should be aware of these rascals



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