Why More Children Are Likely To Have Poor Sights After Covid-19

The importance of a good sight cannot be overemphasized both to children and adults. A good vision is part and parcel of a child's great learning ability, well being, development and strong basis for their general achievements in school.

The challenge posed by Covid-19 which led to the closure of schools, however, has sent many children online to engage in academic activities that would keep them academically active for the period school is closed.
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No one seems to foresee the imminent medical danger of glueing this generation of children to screens of computers! Parents are glad about the trend which isn't any worse but the continuous patronage of these electronic gadgets is a sad pointer that more children in the entire world are likely to develop poor sights after Covid-19! 

How can this situation be averted and children still have their lessons online? 
The responses are simple!

1. Interactive lessons online should be reduced by schools to thrice a week.

2. Parents should get screen protectors for the computers of their wards.

3. Children should take vitamin A capsules to boost their vision.

4. Exercises will help the inactivity of a body tied to a chair all day! which may cause muscle cramps, added weight and tampered posture, thus still affecting the veins of the optic nerve which already strained mentally.
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5. Eat healthy foods that boost vision, such as salmon, tuna, mackerel which are rich sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. Leafy green vegetables, eggs and carrots are not left out of the diet. Nuts berries, citrus fruits and beef will also boost good vision.

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6. Playtime is compulsory to relax them emotionally. Such relaxation releases happy hormones which adds goodness to the entire body, including the sight. Parents should encourage their children to have good sleep,  think positively and avoid negative thoughts. When they do, they will increase their serotonin level.  

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By complying with the sight health tips this delicate time of Covid -19, children will be safe visually. If otherwise, danger looms! It will mean more children will need optometrists and a large number to use eyeglasses for the correction!
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Children are our today, tomorrow and future, hence, we shouldn't be beclouded by the trending pursuit of online learning without taking vital information into cognizance as parents, school and government.
Awareness in this regard is key. Knowledge is power!

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  1. Awesome read and wonderful advice.

  2. This is a beautiful article Aunty Derby. Very thoughtful of you. Parents now know what can happen as a result of the persistent online classes due to Covid-19 and what to do in remediation. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for this write up.It will help us value vitamin A the more

  4. Thanks for this write up. We will value vitamin A the more. Our children really need it now or can ywn ever.

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  6. This is very educative and a good advice. More wisdom in Jesus Name

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  9. Yea, eyes always Glued to the TV set

  10. I wish this pendemic end soon and our kids go back to schools



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