Trending Big Mouthed Comedian Lands Before The Law For Misrepresentation Of Lawyers!

Trending comedian, Lasisi has been pointed out by the Nigerian Bar Association for creating an image contrary to who lawyers are!

This came as a reaction to one of his videos posted on twitter. In the video, Lasisi had dressed like a lawyer to do his skit.

This was however not taken kindly as the Assistant National Publicity secretary Habeeb Lawal who reacted with some of the firmness that lawyers have a sense humour, thus enjoys his jokes and appreciate his creativity but if he must represent the profession, he must ensure he properly adorns the bib, wig and gown.

He further identified with the right of expression but not to the detriment of the noble law profession. The emphasis remains that the NBA has reserved rights to guide against ridicules of the profession.

Habeeb Lawal posted a video as a guide to Lasisi and other comedians on a proper way to represent lawyers in their skits.
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