Teacher Turns Beggar!

        Photo credit: depositphotos.com

The shocking revelation came yesterday Tuesday, 2nd  June 2020! His salary was not paid since March at the sudden beginning of the Coronavirus scare which started in Wuhan, China.

The teacher who pleaded anonymity was caught hanging a dirty looking cardboard outside a street wall around Olorunsogo street, at Mowe in Ogun state.

 The inscription was: Lesson for your child at 70 naira for three hours!
A painful revelation that teachers have turned beggars in some parts of the state.

This calls for immediate attention as teachers appear to be among the vulnerable presently, since other organisations have reopened activities, leaving teachers to no work, no money situation.

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  1. The truth is, more teachers have turned to beggers. It's a shame to the society.

  2. This is a shame on society when teacher face this bad time then how they secure future.

  3. omg, one more worst effect of corona virus

  4. still waiting for the day when everything is going to be better again



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