See Why Churches Have Become Places Of Attacks!

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Thieves and rapists have been breaking into churches in some locations in Nigeria since the lockdown caused by the dreaded Coronavirus monster!

In the process of the attack ,valueables are carted away and a painful case study of 'rape and murder in the church is that of Uwaila Omonzuwa, the 100 level Uniben student.

Absence of church services due to Covid-19 has made theft gain more ground in the holy space.

Those involved in this wicked act believe it's a safe haven for evil since there are no services even when they know that God is awake to every of their evil.

The security of churches have been equally compromised, that is, neglected. It's high time all churches have security the maximum. It not enough to think because it's  'a church', then it doesn't need security. 

Most people believe that once you are in church, you are fully secure even without security men mounting the main entrances, and so on.

 There are things we should be wise about.
As much as God is our security, we still have to play our parts. God does His part and we do ours.If corporate organizations can beef up security...

God cares more about us, we are the real church, not the physical structure.

It's high time Christians change their ways of thinking.
To take care of the physical structure is the work of man.
God gave man the power to work and pray his part as a duty to the buildings. It doesn't still mean God will not do his.
We have to be more committed in this regard. There are human loopholes .

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