Raped By The General Overseer!

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When a general overseer rapes a member of his church as in the case of the victim who went for a deliverance mission only to be allegedly drugged and raped by Bishop Elijah Orhonigbe who is the founder and overseer of the Victory Revival Fasting and Prayer Ministry in Warri, it becomes a thing of a scare as to who can be trusted!

He claimed that he saw a vision of the spirit of death hovering around the family of the victim, thus the need for deliverance.

The deliverance was rape! Imagine the ugly incident. After going into hiding, he was fished out very recently by the police to dance to the tune of his unholy music.

The high rate of rape has thrown Nigerians into shock particularly the ones that have been happening in churches recently. The story of Omonzuwa Uwaila who was brutally raped and murdered in the church where she went to read.
It can also be recalled recently that a 26 years old man equally defiled a 7 years old girl in a church premise at Benue state.

The fear of God doesn't seem to rule the hearts of men anymore. By the day, many are disillusioned about serving God, His existence and His justice which was never to be questioned as of the olden times.

It is a trying time for some Christians whose faith are shaken. The good news is that 'God remains God' irrespective of our situations. Let us hold strongly to our faith. There will always be wolves in sheep's clothing!

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  1. These sorts bring a bad rep to us men folks. Men who can't control their wayward libido should undergo voluntary castration.

  2. Hmm, Much evil even in church

  3. Wow, it seems the entire world is headed in a bad direction, The evil one is at work.We must pray for one another. This is truely horrible!



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