Ibidunni's Many Ironies...


You were old in the business of life
Yet, so young in age.

Beautiful, to have been proud
Yet, ever humble.

Ibidunni, a name, to bear your offsprings
Yet from your womb they never came.

In childless homes you built a generation of children,
That could ever be called your own.

In your many trials came adoption of two
Finding grace to be birth by you.

Yet a question ravages the heart
Why they became motherless again
Was it their fate?

Your beauty was your talent
Used to capacity
Beautification of Lagos state
Beautification of Covid centres
Beautification of the childless...

A visit to baba's grave,
After which came your fate.

Lurking around, was a birthday
Then came your death day.

Admist many life's ironies...
You fulfilled destiny.

Ibidunni, indeed 'giving birth is sweet'
Sweetness is the unforgettable taste
You have left in a haste!

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