Ibidunni Was An Angel Who Lived Among Humans!


It was not easy to have discovered this, because she was in human form, living like every other person who had daily runs to pursue!

The shock of her death shook me like I really met her before. I  have never been so hurt like I have in the last one week since the announcement of her demise.

I wanted to read everything social media had to say about this rare being called 'Ibidunni', our Lux queen, a Pastor, humanitarian,...

Why she's called an Angel who was on assignment to live among humans?
Elizabeth R. was love personified!

All God wants for us is 'Love God, love your neighbours', by this, the commandment is fulfilled in the light of receiving Jesus Christ.

Still bereaved, I sought understanding and realised her life was a climax of love!
Ibidunni loved her family, she loved her neighbours and above all, she loved God!
Love, love, love!

Right there, it struck me! That was the book of her life! A book she came to fulfil!
It was the end of her course!

Apparently young, but old in the business of her calling. She impacted lives in a very special way!
Her beauty, out of this world!

There was something about this Angel!
Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, you lived with an Angel, sent to be a blessing!

Relax, she lives, though asleep now.
Awake in the kingdom from which she came, attending to the Father!

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