How She Escaped Eight Rapists!

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How terrible! How unimaginable! How scary!...
These were the words of a young lady who was embarking on a journey to Ijebu-Ode.

It was a bright morning, showing no sign of an eventual rain.

Joyfully, she set out from Opic junction to board a bus to her destination, though, with some level of insecurity as she had not travelled for three whole months! Owing it to the present Covid -19 pandemic.

Easing the lockdown had given her some gut to embark on the journey. 'How relieving', she had sighed, all masked up, sanitizer apparently grabbed, like one going into a battle with Covid -19.

Right there at the Opic bus stop, some private vehicles waited for rushing passengers.
She had chosen never to rush for the fear of making contacts, which was against the practise of 'social distancing'.
More so, patronising private vehicles, used as taxis is never her style.

While patiently waiting, a bus painted yellow with black stripes got close.It was the usual Lagos Kombi bus.

She made a move to hop in until she was jolted by the appearances of the 'all men company'.They had a properly arranged sitting  social distancing positions authorised by the government.

The young lady suspected something sinistic about the compliance of the guys.
True to her words, many people will use the strategy to trap their prey in the middle of a journey!

Their eyes spoke volumes!
Their smooth words!
One sitting by the driver, two behind, another two occupied the next seat, another two following ,and one behind the 16 sitter bus.

The eight guys pointed at same seat she was expected to sit. Right there she stepped back. She got the clue! Of course, she needed no soothsayer to tell her danger was lurking around!

All the young lady could utter to their dismay was 'rape'!
The response of one of them was'how she take know'? in the local pidgin language.
The vehicle zoomed away fast! Curses hurled, with the 'waka hand', aiming at her!

She didn't know if the few people at the bus stop noticed what had just happened!
She was actually the only one who made the move to get on the bus in a split of seconds, and all these happened!

Ronke swallowed every word she wanted to utter. Her saliva was dry and painful.
Right there, the journey was terminated!
The desire to travel went sore...

The trending stories of rape in Nigeria made it easy to detect one when it appeared.

What if she was raped and killed!
What if her body organs were ripped off!
What if she was dumped in a bushy path by the Lagos-Ibadan expressway!
The 'what ifs' were countless...

The confirmation of their intent was like a bolt of lightning!
Ronke couldn't believe she was saved!

Willingly, she recounted the sudden experience and never thinks that travelling will do any good until the Covid-19 pandemic ends!

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