How Nigerian Children Are Raped By Celebrities!

Bob Risky
Without explanation, any enlightened person would not see a positive influence Bobrisky can impact children in Nigeria.
Is it his surgeries to change his gender?
Or his incessant arrests caused by some suspicious activities?

It's high time, Nigerian public figures get arrested for portraying a bad image to this generation of children in Nigeria.

Celebrities are expected to be role models.
Where they fall short of this attribute, then, their followers who are mostly aspiring youngsters get into a mess!

I must confess that some musical celebrities whose songs children dance to at parties become role models to these young ones.They enjoy their music and later pursue their lifestyles.

It's a big thumbs up to the authorities who have embarked on the mission of arresting parents who use decoratory words on their children, thus, sending a signal of incapability to 'parent' such children.They are denied custody of their children.

Like a trending story on social media where a two years old child who was raped, was called 'Ashewo', meaning a prostitute by her mum.The mother who should have known better also beat her. She lost custody of the child for those double acts.
Mother of raped two years old

In recent times, rapists are caught and made to dance to the tune of the law because the rate at which girls, women, and even grand mothers are raped is getting alarming!

A rapist 

Our men need to be talked to in terms of having self control, their ways of life which impacts on the present generation of boys positively or negatively.

Our girls and women need awareness on how to dress decently and live right.

It's appalling to know that 2, 3,4 months old baby girls with diapers are equally raped!
Rape seems to know no boundary anymore!
Grandmas are raped too!
This moral decadence is a fast eating cancer in our unique nation, Nigeria.

The way forward?
Our celebrities should have no immunity when it comes to doing what they choose to do!
Change starts with them because of their public nature.

Check out Davido, his life style is not worthy of emulating when it comes to the way he talks, using vulgar words.What about the way he relates with women?
He may say it's his life but how are his young fans viewing him? What sort of seed is he sewing?
That, it's right to have baby mamas all around?

Bob risky is the greatest risk for this generation.A guy who would have been a handsome and responsible guy, is a model of a culture Nigeria never embraced!
Why do some people patronise his talks on social media, instead of getting him arrested for being a wrong influence.
Bob Risky

In fact, our celebrities are causing us more troubles than good.Tonto Dike makes noise about her body enhancement which has given her needed confidence.

Many young girls will believe that confidence can be achieved from plastic surgeries rather than developing ones self esteem through diverse intellectual programs.
Yes, it's her choice, but what influence does a wrong choice create?
Tonto Dike

Some time ago, Naira Marley was leading his young followers into the danger of believing his wrong ideologies about not graduating and not using belts, thus, 'sagging'.
Naira Marley

A very few number are indeed agents of change.
Omotola Jalade Ekehinde's life teaches a good upbringing, aspiration, a wonderful marriage with responsible children.
Omotola Jalade-Ekheinde

Joke Silver, Mercy Johnson, Stephanie Okereke , Olu-Jacobs, to mention but a few, do it right!
Mercy Johnson 

Parents have a duty to inform their children about the decadence in the society and direct them appropriately, but then, are parents still parents too?
A big question???

Recently some parents posted these photos of their children.
Parents who make adults out of innocent children should be arrested and made to face the law!

We all are agents of change, but the celebrities out there should do the best they can to impact these young lives.

 Parents should go back to the drawing board to introspect and let charity not only begin at home but start with them.

It should be worthy of note that there are many other wrong influences which are foriegn to ours, but this is home.
Nigeria is home.If our children get it right here, they can get it right anywhere!

The rape of the innocent minds of these children will not only endanger them but our future as a nation.

Photo credits:Google Images.
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