See Why Private Schools May Witness A Mass Exodus Of Teachers From Schools After Covid -19!

We are living amidst what is potentially one of the greatest threats in our lifetime to global education.  
The Covid -19 pandemic is causing more than 1.6 million children and youth to be out of school in many countries.

Now, to the teachers who are the most valuable tools to children’s learning, maybe hit by a gigantic educational crisis caused by one strong factor, which is their salaries.
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Most schools were able to get teachers paid in the month of March when the pandemic led to the closure of most institutions of learning. April was a month of uncertainty for many private school teachers who feared they may not get paid because of the pandemic which kept them locked down at home.

Some public school teachers had expressed optimism that salaries will be paid. On the contrary, private school teachers understand that from the angle of their private sector, non-payment was inevitable.
This is not to say some Private schools did not pay April salaries. 
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Some did, but Private school teachers in different parts of the country are expressing uncertainty and fears when it comes to schools not managed by the government. The situation is to their own disadvantage.

 The Covid-19 issue has raised a lot of insecurities for teachers in private schools, thus the fear that there might be a mass exodus of teachers from private schools after the pandemic!

One teacher who pleaded anonymity in Mowe, Ogun state is a case study. He said it will be a time of the 'decision' on the private school he presently works since he didn't get paid in April. 
According to him, some schools in Mowe gave palliatives to their stranded teachers who were caught unawares.

'Minimal blame should be passed to Private schools at a time as this because they are run by individuals and not the government of an entire nation', explained  Private school Proprietor who refused to disclose his name.

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