Pastor Kumuyi And Blessing Benjamin! This Is What Really Happened!

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The revered man of God and founder of the Deeper life church, W.F Kumuyi couldn't have ruined the life of anyone as would contradict his calling and preaching!

 In as much as we have freedom of speech, it's unjustifiable to condemn the man of God whose intentions are for good. Intentions are the basis for good judgement -1


Secondly, many many years ago, I also had a similar childhood story, Deeper life was my congregation where we were taught holy living in dressing and so on.

But believe me, it's a childhood that I will forever be proud of!

Now, I am not saying your experience is the same as mine because our personalities are not the same, but experiences as young deeper lifers, we're similar because of doctrines.

 Understand that I have gone the length and breadth of this world to say how my foundation in Deeper life has sustained me in Christianity.

I might no longer be in Deeper life, but the values then, helped me, yes, we wore long dresses, they preserved us from preys!

Yes, we had shaven heads, they saved us from paedophiles! Yes, we had no earrings on, it made us focused!

It's ironical!

What did you need all the fancies for as a child? That was the best way your parents could have preserved you, even unknown to them!


It all seemed we were regimented but some toughness is needed for certain ages. What you have is the foundation might be the strength of today!


You said because of his deluded preachings, your dad was comfortable with poverty when there were several opportunities for him to take advantage of!

Those opportunities you said, were considered 'a sin'.You said, Deeper life hates good things but it's not true!

 Now, understand this, all members of every church are individuals of themselves!

Some Christians do not attain maturity by obeying the 'sanctity outward appearance looks' but  living by the true words of the living God.

Many Christians need understanding and in-depth study of the word. I heard about  Christian members who threw their televisions into the lagoon many years ago while I was a child.

My dad came back from the Monday Bible study to tell us how heartbroken Pastor Kumuyi was when he heard that his members were throwing treasured items away!

I was a child then but was touched to understand that the man of God was clearly misunderstood!

Good things are preserved for God's children and not evil!

Many members we're rich but you could see the humility and holy living in them!

Some had erroneous beliefs which practically has nothing to do with the pastor but they think that's all to be a Christian we which is truly not! This has to do with the members themselves, not the pastor!

No doctrine ever made us see opportunities as sin except of course for opportunities that are bad and full of manipulations!

You said many of them talk like Pastor Kumuyi. Get this straight! I know about this. When people want to leave right and are zealous, they simply follow the footsteps of their mentor! It's just pure psychology! That hasn't turned them into sinners! it's like one trying to speak English the right way, you become extra conscious of doing it right. Many people receive understanding quicker than others that you don't become like a person to please God but focus on Christ.

Whatever encounter you think your parents had was due to human misunderstandings like so many other members who were possibly dogmatic about the doctrines and misunderstanding messages.

The members of the body of Christ can either help the growth of their ministry or chain it down by the way we approach things.

Take your words back so that you will receive God's forgiveness. It's unfair to talk about one who is intentional about doing good.

Or are you using your past and blogging as a tool to create crowd and followership?

Take out time to introspect again and you will see what evil God has saved you from during your childhood by allowing you to live under the said discipline of your father.

Let it be worthy of note that Christians are still human beings, either Deeper life or not. When we make mistakes, we return to a caring Father who puts us right on track to continue the journey with Him.

Don't crucify Deeper life! Rather, think deeper and seek understanding! 

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