Nigeria To Witness Population Explosion After Covid-19!

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In general, quarantine means staying home or isolated to curb a disease. Many names trail this situation!
Nigerians can't help it! the world can't help it! The slogan remains, 'stay home' in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

CDC (Centre for disease control) and WHO( World health Organization) are at their best to salvage the world from loss of lives but a fact remains...

Has anyone ever thought of how deeply this will eventually lead to the explosion of population in Nigeria?

In evidence, the rate of pornography has risen than it ever has since the wake of the lockdown. This is evident on social media. Lockdown or no lockdown, illicit sexual activities are on the rise because of inactivity prompted by a full-blown work-free month, only God knows how long it will last.

Families are home, couples see each other more, thus, a reason for an eventual explosion!
On the other hand, abandonment of babies and abortions might be some inevitables in the dark.

Awareness to salvage an unexpected explosion and crisis in the face of economic recovery after Covid -19 may turn out an issue the country may be faced with in the near future!

Do you think population explosion will rock Nigeria after the setback Covid-19 has created economically, socially, academically, politically and globally?

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  1. What an irony!
    Life is taken by Covid-19
    Life is given by the condition of living!
    Courtesy#stay at home!

  2. 😂😂😂 we have come to the world to multiply.

  3. With this pandemic on ground? For me o,it is sensible to take proper care of ourselves and the children on ground. It is not fair to expose innocent infants to our hospitals. Nija arrangements dey fear me ooo😂😂😂

  4. Nija arrangement no pure o,for me, it is not safe for Innocent children to be born now. How prepared is our hospitals?

  5. We really need a supreme intervention



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