Is Lagos State Making A Mistake To Ease Lockdown Despite The Rise Of Covid-19?

Photo credit: Firstreportsonline.com

The panic at Onipanu on the wake of the ease down at an FCMB ATM point when a middle-age man collapsed before an ATM could be a strong indication that Lagosians are at risk during this 'ease'.

Customers who were on the queue took to their heels as the patient was whisked away! He was said to have been having difficulty breathing before he collapsed!

The video of the incident which has gone viral set many thinking about such an experience on the first day after weeks of lockdown.

Many 'tired of staying home' Lagosians ran out of their houses in large numbers to get some freedom by going to work, market, taking a stroll...The roads were jammed.

In the midst of these, danger looms in the suddenly crowded areas even with the social distancing.
How can social distancing be achieved in a crowed Lagos? Is the language just lip say and not achievable?

The number of Covid-19 patients has risen largely on the first day! Who knows how many people the collapsed man had contacts with? Who knows the innocent people who have sat on the bus seats he sat before getting to the bank? Who knows what he had touched?  An endless list...

Is Lagos State making a mistake to ease lockdown? Will the masking of Lagos and social distancing save the day? Today's drama at Onipanu is a pointer to what?

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