Exposed! Faces Of Children 'Left Behind' In The Wake Of E- Learning! # Covid -19!

In the wake of the present Covid-19 pandemic hitting hard on the world today, education has taken a new dimension, owing to the fact that schools are under lock and keys to curtail the spread of the dreaded monster aching to grab as many children to serve as agents of spread in their homes.

To this painful end, schools have embarked on new policies to continue learning through e- platforms in primary and tertiary institutions in the world over!
The slogan 'no child is left behind' is trending all over, but how real is this?
This is doubtful and unrealistic because not every child is from homes that are e- compliant.
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How painful for children in the suburbs, who know nothing about computers and it's kind of literacy.
Zoom, Google classroom and WhatsApp are most trending now amongst the high class and middle-class schools. Lagos state is a strong case study where e-learning thrives! The 21st-century trend.

Some children are obviously 'left behind' in this mission to spread knowledge.No one seems to notice because everyone appears to be in the rat race, in other not to be left behind!
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Check out the photos of things, happening behind the scenes as others pursue classy styles. The poor and less privileged are idle and finding learning in sand plays, water races all the time, river scenery and never opportunity to finding slated time for learning like other peers of a different class.
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Whoever remembers these ones in the many suburbs of Africa? Name it, Nigeria,
Ghana, East Africa, etc.
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What could she be thinking?
Others are learning online and I am just here! many kinds of these scenarios trend 
in interiors of Mowe, Ibafo, Ofada, Sagamu and so on.
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These are the kind of pictures I see every day, now and then since the wake of anew style of learning prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Who is ready to join a risk-taking venture to become the main hero to defy all odds, yet maintaining social distancing, use of masks and hand sanitizers to break into the real philosophy of 'no child is left behind' to give an equal education to those actually 'left behind'. 

.           Debby@auntydebbysblog.com

There's a clarion call for those with unmasked hearts but masked outlooks to join in volunteering to salvage education in the lives of these young minds at this delicate time of Covid-19.

Aunty Debby awaits your quick responses to help those children left behind.
#no child left behind!

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  1. Indeed, no child should be left behind.....All child should have equal rights......Even our Lord Jesus Christ says,"bring little children unto me."
    I support.....#no child is left behind.


  3. No child should be left behind

  4. No child should be left behind.



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