Covid-19 Those Who Died, Trying To Save Their Lives!

There are different kinds of death, which takes the entire being away forever and another that deforms a survivor!

An Arizona man had made quick attempts to prevent himself and his wife from becoming infected with the dreaded Coronavirus disease and lost his life in the process.

The man and his wife had watched President Donald Trump talk about the potential benefits of chloroquine even when no drugs were approved to treat or prevent Covid-19. The couple is over 60 and were potentially at higher risk for the complication of the virus, decided to mix the substance with a liquid drink as a way of preventing the disease.

What they ingested was not the form of medication, used to treat malaria in humans but an ingredient listed on a parasite treatment for fish/ fish tank cleaner. It was a terrible mistake which cost the husband his life, while the wife was left battling for her life shortly after.
Google Images: The Arizona couple

CB was another person who drank a bottle of rubbing alcohol, a disinfectant because he feared that he had been infected after touching his face at a grocery store!
He found a bottle of 91% alcohol and started drinking it! Confidence came immediately after drinking the entire bottle. Shortly after, he felt dizzy, and his head started spinning, then he landed in an emergency ward. His brain was affected and he went into a comma.

Another was a 40-year-old man who ended in an emergency room. He was stooling and vomiting!
After an examination of the mouth, throat exposed redness, swelling and ulcers. Looking further down, there were burns and dead tissues in the lining of his oesophagus. He had swallowed industrial-strength bleach accidentally, thinking it would cure him of the virus.
Some permanent scars followed this incident.

Another is a Cameroonian living in Upper Malboro, Maryland in USA died after calling himself Mr Coronavirus and systematically ingesting a large dosage of ginger and garlic concoctions. He had fallen sick from having a perforated stomach and intestinal organs, leaving him dead from his own medicines!

Photo credit:Google

 100 Iranians have reportedly died and 1000 taken ill after consuming methazolamide false rumours that it can help cue the Coronavirus disease. The country has been struggling with the pandemic which has claimed over 2000 people, This has made many of it's people to fake remedies one of which is alcohol, which is banned in the Islamic republic.

The trend of consuming just anything is caused by fear and panic of Covid-19. A lot of awareness in this regard is ongoing to save lives.

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