Chinese Man Caught Trying To Spread An Unknown Ailment In A Restaurant

The act seemed so intentional! The 22-year-old chef, Mr Wang was caught on surveillance footage, spitting in a dish while cooking for a customer.

The incident had happened in the Sufuji restaurant at X'ian following the ease of the lockdown.

The customer had assessed to the video after finding the butt of a cigarette in the stew he had ordered. His complaint gave him to see further worse evil done by the chef.
It was disheartening to see the chef in the footage spitting as he prepared the food.

When accosted, he said he had been suffering from throat inflammation and was feeling uncomfortable in the throat when making the dish, thus spitting on the ground.

A fine of 100,000 yuan waits the shop owner, and the business licence may be revoked by officials.

How wicked can one be in the face of the coronavirus pandemic hitting the world? Could it be a mistake? should the chef be vindicated or taken into isolation immediately?

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