BREAKING NEWS! Young Nigerian Wrestling Star Aghayhere, Emerges In Texas, USA.

The amazing and fast-rising Nigerian wrestler, Daniel Aghayhere was very young, his maternal grandmother nicknamed him 'gentleman Jim Reeves after the legendary countryside singer of blessed memory, because of his calm demeanour.
Today, he is a student of Timber Creek High school in Texas, he is grown to become a skilled and tough fighter as a young wrestler. He is presently making waves in the whole of Texas and seen as a future one in the way he pins and wins his opponents to submission in matches!

Below are some of his wrestling highlights.
See: https://youtu.be/YXLoojKuuvc
A proud mum Edna and her pride, Daniel.

The family during an award event to honour Daniel.

He was granted an interview lately, on phone by MUVIDAFF_ TV. He responded from home in the course of keeping safe with his family, like many others in the world, which is a preventive measure against the Coronavirus disease.

When he was asked about his journey in wrestling where he first qualified for the state level, Daniel said emphatically that it was rough and tough but he comes out victorious!

When asked about what motivated him into wrestling, he said, a friend of his just talked about it but he never took it seriously until his mum motivated him. Then, he felt he should give it a shot.
Daniel sees himself going professional in the journey of wrestling.

Sharing his major challenge as a young upcoming wrestler, he said, his challenge is making 'choice', the right choice on which career path to thread. That's the hardest thing he is faced with.

Among his basic routine is warming up, stretching and so on which gets him ready for his fights.

Daniel hopes to represent Nigeria someday in the Olympics, even in professional fights if given the chance. 

Daniel Aghayhere

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